Blanca Flor Silver Jewelry is the premier silver jewelry boutique; our Flagship store is located in the heart of historic downtown across from the Market House, with a second location in the trendy Harbor East neighborhood of Baltimore. Blanca Flor Silver Jewelry combines domestic and international designers from Taxco, Mexico, the American Southwest, New York City, Greece, Indonesia, Poland and other locations for an eclectic collection of sterling silver jewelry not readily seen or available in other retail establishments.


In the early 1970's, Donna De Garcia traveled to Puebla, Mexico to study Latin American Studies. Her time spent in Mexico blossomed into the discovery and an ultimate love affair of the beautiful, exquisite, and expansive jewelry collections of Taxco, Mexico. After years living in Mexico, Donna decided in was time to share her discoveries and begin importing the contemporary and old Mexican silver jewelry designs and arts she found so spectacular. Initially, distributed to upscale department stores and boutiques such as Nordstrom, I-Magnin, Museum Stores, but after 8 years, the need to settle down influenced her decision to develop a retail outlet for her business. She established Blanca Flor in 1993.

Donna De Garcia

Donna De Garcia is the creative and highly energetic owner who intuitively buys for her enthusiastic customers. Donna has spent the past two decades traveling far and wide, discovering new treasures while personally selecting the finest collection of sterling silver jewelry crafted by experienced silversmiths from the U.S. and across the globe.